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Purandaradasa padas by R.K Shrikantan (5 songs)


This set includes video lessons of 5 Padas of Purandara Dasa and Vyasa Teertha (guru of Purandara Dasa) taught by Vidwan Shri R.K Shrikantan. The comprehensive lessons includes notations and meanings and are listed below. The package of 5 video lessons offer a 10% savings over individual purchase.


Learn 5 Purandara Dasa krithis taught by Sangeetha Kalanaidhi Shri RK Shrikantan.
 The following padas are contained in this package:

  • Neenedayalo- Anandabhairavi – Purandara Dasa
  • Aadidanoranga- Arabhi – Purandara Dasa
  • Palisemma- Mukhari – Purandara Dasa
  • Manavajanma- Poorvikalyani – Purandara Dasa
  • Gajamukhane- Nattai – Vyasa Teertha

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