Deferred Webcast of the Master Class on Padams and Javalis by Sangeetha Kalanidhi Chitravina N Ravikiran


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Songs covered in the session

1) Samayamide – Mayamalavagowla – Javali – Pattnam Subramanya Iyer

2) Alagite – Huseni – Padam – Kshetragyna

3) Marubari – Khamach – Javali – Dharmapuri Subbarayer

4) Valapu dacha – Varali – Padam – Kshetragyna

5) Emi Mayamu – Khamboji – Javali – Pattabhiramayya

6) Vadiga gopaluni – Mohanam – Padam – Muvanallur Sabhapati