Swaroopa Pancha Nadai Korvai – Advanced Laya Presentation


The swaroopa pancha nadai korvai is a novel and brilliant creation of Pallavi Chakravarthy, Shri Chitravina Narasimhan. In this video presentation, Shri Chitravina N Ravikiran has demonstrated the various swaroopas or expressions of the pancha nadai korvais with disciples. Numerous laya exercises have also been demonstrated for the benefit of students.
This lesson is a must-learn for all advanced level students of music and percussion and provides an insight into the art of composition for laya patterns. Email support@acharyanet.com to receive a pdf document of the detailed overview of the korvais presented in the video. 



Learn important concepts of Laya and the Pancha Nadai Korvai created by Shri Chitravina Narasimhan.


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